Eric Roberts

Founder and Principal


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Data is targeted information, not to be confused with the noise created by the frenzy of the 24-hour media news cycle.

Data is a set of raw facts and numbers that requires structured analysis to have an impact.


Who am I

I created and, for over 20 years, ran an education services company that employed up to 75 talented professionals and provided services to about one million kids across the United States and Canada. I thought then that I understood the power of data. I didn’t. Far from it.

Military Career Overseas

Then, as an Army Reserve officer, I truly started to appreciate the use of data. In my deployments overseas, there is zero-tolerance for “noise” or guesswork. Data is used to make decisions. Life and death decisions.

That was the crucible where I discovered the true power of data. In the erratic war zone environment, situation reports, assessments, observations, SWOT matrices all formed an avalanche of information. All the data needed to be unpacked, screened for relevance, cross-referenced, analyzed and quantified, with the essential metrics filtered out.


Success Driven by Data

Dashboards were then used to visualize those key metrics, giving leaders a common and uncluttered 360º view of activities, the ability to seize opportunities, be up-to-date on real-time mission progression and re-align resources to better accomplish their objectives. 


The focus on data analysis led to higher rates of success. This was my light-bulb moment.

Segue to Management Advisor

When I returned from overseas, I was asked to do consulting for an executive coaching agency. Our clients were business owners, ranging from start-ups with remote-workforces to manufacturers having on-site staff. Most clients were experiencing a surge in growth but their organization was still struggling. Why? There was not enough time in the day to do everything.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Decisions were taken too slowly to be effective or not taken at all, leading to lost opportunities. Performance issues were resolved with best-guess solutions rather than deep-dives into their data. Their organizations were stalling with owners and managers expressing frustration that operations were not being executed as planned.​

Decision Management System

Modelled after the automation technology and processes I used in command centres during my military deployment, the ClearLogik business intelligence engine employs cloud-based artificial intelligence protocols to automate reporting, analysis and visualization across your entire company, your industry and your markets.

Make Better, Smarter, Faster Decisions

You'll get immediate answers to your most important questions. Your ClearLogik dashboard interface is customized for your organization and will enable you and your managers to quickly make the best data-driven decisions that will power improvements and track the performance of your business.