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As ClearLogik is a complementary product to your advisory service, we believe in building strong partnerships with established executive coaching and management consulting agencies. 


Our partners offer our analytics products under their own brand, set their own pricing and margins, and can have exclusive city or regional territories.

Further monetize your client network and enhance your brand:


  • Option to offer BI / KPI dashboard creation service

  • Option to offer a CRM configuration service

  • Partnership pricing for dashboard and CRM configuration service

  • Access to a dedicated analyst and partner support team

  • Follow-up data-driven consultation hours your client

We support your clients through their life cycle:


  • Custom coded business intelligence, performance metrics and analytics dashboards

  • CRM configuration - automating lead generation, marketing, sales and operations

  • Consultation service

  • Maintenance & support of their dashboards

  • Platform that adapts to their growing business and needs

Talk to us and find out more about a partnership with ClearLogik.

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